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Kerry, you’re the hottest. How many Earth models would risk cracking a fingernail hunting for the Orgasmatron-orgasmator on an abandoned space vessel? Not too many. You play alien intruder and witness as Kerry heats up her spectacular starlet knockers with some force cables, then applies space cum to that handsome jug flesh. Seeking to enlarge the size of her asteroids, Kerry salvages an official Nip Activated Sweatermeat Alternator (a knocker pump) found among the wreckage. “Worth travelling light years for,” she witnesses as it vacuums her titty. Unluckily, the delicate pump is no match for her large supernovas and it cracks, leaving the space maiden no choice but to use the Galactic Study on her tastey British pussy. The GP sends her into orbit but what she really wants is to blast off with the Orgasmatron-orgasmator. Will Kerry succeed?.

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